Tourmaline Powder

Tourmaline Powder

Tourmaline powder is used as the material for various tourmaline products by many corporate customers.

Tourmaline is one kind of silicate substance with aluminium, natrium, magnesium and lithium ring structure being of containing boron is of thermoelectricity and piexoelectricity, and can be used for plastic mother material, chemical fibre, sponge, non-woven, cosmetic and ornaments, sofa, chair pad, bedding, clothing ornaments and filter medium, etc.




1. Tourmaline Powder can persistently release negative ions, emit far infrared ray and generate 0.06mA biological current. Hence it can purify air, accelerate the microcirculation of the body, adjust the balance of the body, resist bacterium and diminish inflammation, resist fatigue, soothe the nerves and quiet breath, and build up body health.

2. It can be added into plastic mother material, chemical fibre, sponge, non-woven, cosmetic and ornaments, etc. to increase its functions.

3. Utilize these products to remake into various environmental protection commodities, such as sofa, chair pad, bedding, clothing ornament and filter medium, etc.

4. After tourmaline negative ion powder is made into ceramic ball and ceramic brick, it can activate, purify and mineralize tap water, treat utensils, use in shower equipments, plunge bath and swimming pool. Put it in icebox, it can restrain bacteria and eliminate odor to keep foodstuff fresh.


Main Features

Amount of generating negative ions: 200???220p/s.cm3

Radiance of far infrared ray???the wavelength is 2???14μm???: ≥85%

Specific gravity: 2.98???3.2

Specific surface area: 15.2m2/g

PH of soaking water solution: 7.0???7.4

Insoluble in water


Packing, Storage and Transportation

Plastic bag outside, transparent PE bag padded inside, 25kg/bag, or customized

Keep from raining, and avoid moisture. Stored in dry place.


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