Expanded Vermiculite

Expanded Vermiculite
When subjected to a heat treatment at temperatures over 700°C the mineral expands, multiplying its volume between  8 and 20 times.
Light weight: The apparent densities of expanded vermiculate range between 130 and 180 and 140 Kg/m3 depending on their grades.
Heat insulation:
Expanded vermiculite keeps its insulation capacity between 200°C and 1200°C. Its heat conductivity is .053 Kcal/hr m.°C at an average temperature of 20 °C. Its calorific capacity is very low.

The shiny walls of the mica sheets of vermiculite form a variety of screens that reflect and diffuse heat energy transmitted via radiation, and make this material a suitable high temperature insulator.

It is an ideal insulator for a wide range of frequencies.

Resistance to fire:
Melting point: 1270- 1,370ºC
Vicat temperature: 1,250°C
Incombustible and chemically stable at high temperatures.

Insensitive to atmospheric agents. 
Friction materials, filtration materials, insulation materials, painting, rubber, refractories, chemical and so on.
Expanded vermiculite applied to roof, could expect good response of avoid high temperature, It is cool in summer and warm in winter. Tall building partition with Vermiculite brick construction, have effect of noise-proof, moisture-proof, mainwhile reducing load building.

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